…and what you can do to become a better surfer

Surfing has long been recognised in popular fiction as those cool surfer, beach babes who effortlessly use the ocean to their will, making the sport of surfing into a cultural lifestyle. Those Californian sunsets have inspired the world into dreaming of that trip to Waikiki, Sydney, Bali and Costa Rica where you too will be able to get up on a surfboard, and feel the rolling waves beneath you as you glide along what feels like air, looking so cool in front of all your friends. 

When you finally get the chance to learn how to surf, whether it be on holiday or at your own local beach, you realise that this is a dream that might not work out after all. You’re crushed!

Many surf schools around the world have the standard 2 hour surf lesson. They get you suited up, take you down to the beach, teach you the basics on sand before giving you a measly 30-45 minutes in the water. With water in your ears, sunscreen in your eyes you feel defeated and left wondering why you’re not surfing like a pro.

Group surf lesson on the beach in Torquay

It is a common misconception that you’ll be able to get up and surf waves after just one lesson. It’s the promise from many surf schools, but it depends on so many other factors than a surf school can promise! What is your athletic ability? Have you done other water sports before? Have you snowboarded or skateboarded before? What are the waves like that day, and are they appropriate for beginners? Is the current too strong? Is it too windy? 

All of these factors can be make or break for your first ever surfing experience. 

That’s why at Coastline Adventures, we don’t promise you’ll stand up on your first wave. We promise that you will fall! You will slip, you will nose dive and you will swallow some salt water. But that’s part of learning, and this is what all beginners will 100% of the time go through, which is why we promise a fun day not the promise of mastering a sport that has so many factors outside your control to take into consideration.

We know that one lesson isn’t enough for you to live your best life and follow your surfer dream. That’s why once you’ve completed a beginner lesson, you get a discount to join your local Surf Crew. A group of likeminded surfers, like you, looking to improve their techniques. Many who have started with those one or two beginner lessons, love being outdoors, in the surf, sun and sand but now know that they need more time, and more practice to be confident in the water.

With our surf crew meetups, you’ll get a wetsuit, board of your choice (and skill level), a coach to help you with your technique, and a group of fellow learners at a range of levels, to keep you pushing yourself to live your dream. 

No matter the stage of your surf journey, we will make you a surfer! We want to see that huge smile on your face as you stand up on your board and ride a glorious blue wave into the shoreline.