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Top 13 Things to Do While Stuck at Home during Isolation from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

1. Follow the law

This sounds like a boring answer, but really you can use this to your advantage. Read what your State law requires of you and make the most of what you've got. In Victoria, you can only leave home if you are:

  • shopping for what you need - food and essential supplies

  • medical, care or compassionate needs

  • exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements

  • work and study if you can’t work or learn remotely

… and now we have some creative ways to keep you entertained!

2. Let’s get physical

Speaking of the law - are you able to leave the house for exercise with two people or less? Are your local beaches open? Then go for a surf, or a swim in the ocean! We still have surfboards for rent… just sayin’. As long as you are within the boundaries of the rules, you should be kept safe and be able to have a nice time out of the house. If you can’t go outside at this stage, then hit up YouTube and do some workout videos. I've been loving MadFit who does workouts to top songs.

3. Watch films that have been in your list for years

Now don’t get me wrong, I know everyone is probably already on Netflix 24/7 and this seems like an obvious answer. But when I say ‘watch films’, I mean watch really good quality, award winning films. Throw up an Instagram story asking your mates for great film recommendations and have a movie marathon, build a fort, get creative. You can also rent movies from your library, these days most libraries have online subscriptions so you can watch them online for free. These often include lots of award winners, queer and Australian films. Don’t forget about SBS onDemand too!

4. Bake it ‘til you make it

If you’re like me, you bought two blocks of chocolate day one of isolation and they were gone by day 3. This meant I needed to get my bake on. Luckily we were stocked up on flour and sugar so I was able to curb my sweet cravings by googling various recipes for easy to make, delicious and eggless recipes. We are also down to our last slice of bread, so I’m going to give baking a loaf of bread a go today!

5. Throw a House Party

Not at your actual house - #socialdistancing rules, remember? Order a bottle of gin from Uber Eats, call up your friends on House Party and put in your AirPods with a joint Spotify playlist. Who needs da club anymore when you can be the DJ. Another option if you aren't so much of a party animal is to host games nights with your pals on Zoom. I've been involved in some pretty amazing trivia nights over the last few weeks and there have even been talks of doing a joint board games night.

6. Brewery tours

Don’t miss a drop, order beers from some of your favourite local breweries, and

host a Brew tour of your own! Maybe do some tastings via video with your friends while catching up on Zoom.

Our favourite breweries who home deliver in Melbourne are these legends:

  • The Mill Brewery

  • Moon Dog Brewery

  • Fixation Brewery

  • Mollie Rose Brewery

Or you can order our Melbourne Brewery Tour Kit and let us do the work for you. (COMING SOON)

7. Order Takeout

Speaking of ordering delicious things online, why not add some food to your order? Moon Dog are doing food and drinks in one, but don’t forget about your local cafes and restaurants as well. A lot of them are doing their own delivering to bypass steep UberEats fees, so check out which ones are delivering to you.

The Top Home Delivery in Thornbury and Northcote are:

  1. Kau and Co

  2. Tahina

  3. Pizza Farro

  4. Brother Bon

  5. Bicycle Thieves (via UberEats)

8. Support local businesses, do your Christmas shopping early

If buying booze and takeout wasn’t enough, what about those non-food related businesses? Maybe you go to a local yoga studio who has had to shut down, or the gift shop around the corner has closed their doors. Reach out and see if you can buy a gift voucher which you can redeem in the future, after all this coronavirus business. Coastline Adventures is offering Gift Vouchers for all of our tours and products.

Check out some other affected businesses offering their products online here.

9. Spring Clean

Remember how you saw dust on your skirting boards 6 months ago and thought to yourself, “I’ll get to those next time I have a day off.” Well now’s the time, mate! Clean every nook and cranny of your space and you’ll finish the day feeling clean and ready to tackle the world. And it’s not just cleaning, it’s time to Marie Kondo the clutter. It’s time to throw out things you haven’t used since 2004 (and honestly never will use again.)

10. Learn Something New

There are plenty of new things you can learn, whether it’s upskilling in your field, or something more personal, there are endless resources online now so this can be done from the comfort of your home. Udemy is a catch-all website that offers online courses on literally everything you could imagine, and usually clock in under $20. The courses are run by experts in their field, or lecturers from accredited education facilities who are looking to make some extra bucks on the side. Many Ivy League and Universities and Colleges all around the world also have put their course content online with free access to all. Think marketing, coding, business management, it could be the inspiration or trial for a career change.

11. Start a garden

When supermarket shelves are so uncertain, why not hit up your local garden store and get set up to grow your own food? Even in an apartment, as long as you have a window and a little extra space there are plenty of things you could be growing. I have a little tomato plant that sits by the window, and some rocket leaves growing strong. If you work on it now, maybe by the next pandemic you’ll have enough produce to get you through quarantine.

12. Volunteer

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer, with many societies and associations having meetings online with volunteers still playing an essential role. Meals on Wheels may need some extra help with delivery during these times, or groups like The Wilderness Society who are trying to stop the National Environment Laws getting passed with coal and logging agendas under the radar.

13. When all else fails….

Scroll social media endlessly. Give out some likes here and there. Tag your friend in the lastest COVID-19 meme. Laugh at American’s who stopped drinking Corona beer. Chill out and enjoy the ride.

Bonus game to keep you entertained for hours


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