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An Afternoon at Melbourne BeerFest

Updated: Apr 5

We can’t think of anything better than getting your mates together for an afternoon of drinking beers, music and entertainment. Is it the creative and delicious hub of craft beer, or as good as a can left out in the sun? Read on to find out.

Tickets to Melbourne BeerFest are dynamic in pricing, so you better get in early for the best value tickets starting from $23. Getting to over $40 for a ticket on the day is then a steep price to pay considering the lack of inclusions. Entry includes evening entertainment, bathrooms and bringing together the festival but it was not clear free tastings are off the menu.

On entry you get a pot glass (275ml) for the day that has a line indicating a full pot and a tasting size. At each vendor you can purchase a tasting costing about $3, or a full glass around $7-9.

I would recommend the tastings as most vendors were quite generous with the pour.

And now the fun part, trying all the beers.

Top breweries from the Beerfest:

  1. Bad Shepherd Brewing Co

  2. Stomping Ground

  3. Bridge Road Brewers

Some stand out beers:

  1. Mojito Sour

  2. Imperial Red Skin Stout (yes they did have to individually unwrap thousands of redskins)

  3. Okinawa Sour

  4. Art vs Science vs Beer Session Ale

It’s not the event to go to if your favourite beer is a lager, or believe we should reinstate German beer purity laws.

The Breweries showcased their core range but also made some 'festival-only' kegs, which meant the options were limitless in style and flavour.

The biggest surprise of the event was the localism, almost all the breweries were local to Victoria and not an alcohol conglomerate in sight. The Festival celebrates local brewing at it’s finest with some breweries running at only garage size capacity. Being an Australia wide Festival it means each State would have it’s own local breweries on show, which makes the dream of knowing where you can go to get those beers, visit the brewery, and keep up to date with your favourite Head Brewer a possibility.

To finish the day, as the sun setting, the stage pumped out some bangers with this year’s headliner Art vs Science. A six pack of confidence added to your dance moves and an early finish to the event before things get too rowdy was a great way to end the day.

You should go to BeerFest if you:

  • Like interesting, new, progressive flavours and styles.

  • Don’t know much about beer, but want to learn more.

  • You're a beer aficionado and want to get involved with the master classes.

  • Want to find some cool new brewery bars to frequent.

  • Want to support local businesses.

  • Don’t like beer as there are vendors who sell a range of drinks, wine, cocktails etc.

You shouldn’t go to BeerFest if you:

  • Don’t like paying for tastings.

  • Only like traditional beer styles.

  • Don’t like Melbourne hipsters.

Patron Amber Johannesen says, “Especially if you go with some friends the atmosphere is really cool, I really like how friendly the brewers were and they were quite excited to show their products, especially the smaller ones. Even the Master Classes weren’t just for home brewers, but for anyone that likes craft beer”.

This festival is a celebration of beer and craftsmanship. You're putting money into Victoria’s creativity, everyday people's brewing dreams, and pushing the craft beer industry into the future.

Will see you next year at BeerFest, or on one of Craft Beer Walking Tours

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